Every Child Matters

Only when a child knows they matter and are given tools, support and opportunity,
will they dare to dream of bright and fulfilling futures.

iDareDream offers grandchildren being raised by their grandparents, opportunities to participate
in the same activities and programs most other children enjoy. 

Most grandparents struggle to meet the numerous daily expenses of unexpectedly raising a second generation in their later years and can rarely afford any extra-curricular events for the children suddenly in their care.  


Today Tonight segment on incredible Grandparent Carers


Of 300 WA grandcarers recently surveyed,
82% are female,
33%  live in rental accommodation
50% cannot pay their bills on time. 


Message from the Founder

Founder of iDareDream

Welcome and thanks for coming here. We hope you stay and explore all we have to offer, and even join us in this exciting work.

As a mother of three boys I well remember how energy-zapping raising a young family can be. Replace youthful vigour with advancing years and possible declining health, and the prospect of suddenly becoming a full-time parent to a grandchild is extremely daunting!

Today, that’s exactly the situation facing more and more grandparents.

Quietly they surrender their retirement plans to provide their neglected or abandoned grandchildren safe and loving homes. However, they need help healing the inner wounds affecting these precious young lives.

Observing this brought up my own challenge.

What could I do to help?

Individually, very little . . . so iDareDream was born.

Working together we can make a bigger difference.

Virginia Huupponen

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